Mathspeak – The expected outcomes

For students

We expect that:

  • Participating students will improve both their foreign language skills and their performance in mathematics.
  • As a result, their motivation will increase, and this will bring them more academic success.
  • Any success will also have a positive influence on non-participating individuals in the target groups.
  • The students’ improved linguistic and mathematical skills will help them when they start work or move onto tertiary level education.

For teachers

Participating mathematics teachers will get:

  • An insight into their students’ educational needs.
  • An awareness of the linguistic issues that are frequently at the heart of resistance to the mathematics.

As a result, the teachers will develop their own professional skills.

For schools

Partner schools will:

  • Strengthen ties with similar organizations in other countries.
  • Get a useful teaching resource that can be adapted to teach any language.
  • Meet a need that is not currently being met.

We hope this project will stimulate the creation of complementary educational resources.

For policy makers

We want to bring mathematical education to the attention of the policy makers who can affect the curriculums.

We also hope to influence people involved in the writing of maths and foreign language syllabuses, so that mathematical language gets built into the daily teaching of secondary level mathematics to non-native speakers.